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Hercules Communications
Are you ready to buy your two way radio today? Do you have two way radio question or do you absolutely need to know before buying 2 way radios or Talkie walkies! Give us a call or email us for information and advice.
Wouxun two way radios, Puxing, Quansheng, AsiaRadio, Baofeng, feidaxin.

Long Range Communication Products for Security and Commercial business.

Hercules Communications is the leading Supplier of Talkie walkies, new ham radios and Long distance handhelds such as Motorola, Vertex, Kenwood VHF and UHF and accessories at the best prices. Our prices are unbeatable on the net. Baofeng, Wouxun, Puxing transceivers available at wholesale prices. As a customer you are the most important to us.

Hercules Communications provides radios to companies around the world. We supply radios to schools, business and manufacturing plants, Mining and quarrying firms, shopping mall security guards, retail stores and restaurants and also medical and dental clinics. We understand what every customer and ham operator is looking for that's why you as a customer is the most important thing to us. We strive to offer best quality items and superior customer service. You will be backed up with softwares, manuals and any inquiry made by you.

Walkie talkies come in all shapes and sizes and are available in 3 types of frequency band: UHF, VHF and Dual band. The most important thing to consider is: How to choose the correct long range equipment for your communication applications.

A VHF radio is called a Very high frequency radio that has been around for a number of years. Often used for broadcast radio functions, as well as with military and private business applications, VHF radios are common today.
The VHF radio frequency range is between thirty and three hundred megahertz. This places VHF radios at a much higher meter band that the frequencies used by AM radio broadcasts. Along with the use of a higher meter wave, VHF radios also provide a higher incidence of audio quality than other forms of broadcasting.

A UHF radio is a Short for ultra high frequency, UHF is one of the two standard ranges of electromagnetic waves that were set aside for the use of broadcast television in the first half of the twentieth century. In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission set aside a specific spectrum of radio waves that would provide access to local television stations. Today, those same bands are still in use, and also serve several other functions as well.

UHF television broadcasts are included in the ultra high frequency spectrum of wave frequency that covers a range from 300 megahertz to 3.0 gigahertz. Initially, three specific bands were set aside for the use of television broadcasts. The range of 54 to 88 megahertz provided room for broadcast as channels one through six. A frequency of 174 to 216 megahertz covered channels seven through thirteen. The final band of UHF frequency used a frequency in the 470 to 890 megahertz range for channels from fourteen to eighty three.

A dual band radio is Often used for broadcast radio functions, as well as with military and private business applications, VHF radios are common today. The VHF radio frequency range is between thirty and three hundred megahertz. In fact, the amplifier may be able to strengthen weak signals that would not be picked up if the amplifier were not in use. The exact configuration of the UHF and VHF amplifier will vary somewhat. Typically, amplifiers designed as an attachment to other equipment will have a somewhat small form factor, with the size depending on type of equipment that it is intended to be used with as well as the amount of amplification that the unit can maintain.

What radio can a educational institutions use: Educational institutions can however now take advantage of modern Hand held Radios which allows teachers and teaching assistants to stay in touch both in the educational institution itself and whilst away on trips and visits. With no rental charges, no call charges, long battery lives and a robust and reliable way to stay in touch, both at the college premises itself and on field trips, Two Way Radio is a must for any academic institution with a focus on security, communication and safety.

Two way radios such as the FA-110 is ideal for universities, nurseries and colleges who organise field trips as they provide them with an affordable and mobile way to stay in touch. And with college safe two way providers like Hercules Communications Ltd offering great deals for colleges and universities.

Our wide variety of communication products include: School talkie walkies, Hound hunting supplies, VHF and UHF Two-way commercial handhelds, wholesale security equipment at best prices. Baofeng radios, Wouxun handhelds, Puxing transceivers are available at wholesale prices.

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